Renaissance Downtowns
Renaissance Downtowns (RD) based in Plainview, Long Island, is a privately held real estate development and investment firm focused on the comprehensive and holistic redevelopment of suburban downtowns (“Boutique Cities”) utilizing Smart Growth and New Urbanist planning and development principles. With over 60 years of combined experience in all disciplines of real estate development and finance, Renaissance is uniquely positioned to overcome the significant challenges facing large-scale downtown redevelopment initiatives. Renaissance’s Unified Development Approach was designed to meet and overcome the complexities of downtown revitalization through the creation of a shared vision between the Municipality, Renaissance, private property owners and key community stakeholders. This inclusionary approach will enable the Village to begin to realize benefits from their redevelopment efforts upon the return of the market, positioning Hempstead to capitalize on significant changes in consumer preference which have led to a pent up demand for more urban housing within suburbia, located along transit lines.

UrbanAmerica (UA), a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) is dedicated to re-investment in the nation’s urban cores and centers, providing a vehicle to rebuild communities and provide for improved quality of life for current and future residents of these urban nodes. The UrbanAmerica team has experience in both the financing and development of projects that have significant similarities to the proposed redevelopment of the North Main Street Urban Renewal area. Through various partnerships, UrbanAmerica has garnered the experience necessary to work through the significant hurdles found within large scale, urban revitalization. UrbanAmerica’s deep and broad industry, political and non-profit relationships have yielded $4 billion in transactions to date. As a registered investment advisor, UrbanAmerica has a distinctive vision for and specialized expertise in urban center real estate investment nationwide. The firm delivers value-added projects, while also stimulating economic impact in its investment locales.

Renaissance Downtowns/UrbanAmerica LLC (RDUA)
RDUA is a Joint Venture between two world leading organizations: Renaissance Downtowns and UrbanAmerica. Renaissance, the branded leader in suburban, downtown transit oriented development, is a Long Island based firm led by Principal and Founder Donald Monti who possesses over 35 years of development experience that covers all aspects of real estate. UrbanAmerica is the largest African American owned development firm, with national experience in the redevelopment of communities that possess significant similarities to those found in Hempstead. Combined, these two organizations provide the Village and its residents with unmatched experience and ability, including an understanding of the need to involve and engage the community throughout the redevelopment process.
Together, RDUA’s internal and external resources provide a collaborative framework that combined, will address each and every requirement set forth by the Village to ensure a responsible and successful redevelopment effort occurs, providing significant and lasting positive results for the community.