For the revitalization of the downtown to be a success, it must reflect the wants and needs of the local community. How can we do that? We have a two-phase program to answer that question called The Power of 10 Campaign.

Phase 1:

In the first phase, we determined ten public amenity and retail/entertainment ideas on this website that you felt will make the biggest difference in the revitalization of downtown Hempstead.

Because we know job creation, the youth and public amenities are shared values among many of those in the Village, we’re required that at least five of the ideas 1) provide a significant destination or service for the youth; 2) create a significant amount of jobs; and are public amenities.

Renaissance Downtowns-UrbanAmerica will invest in feasibility studies to determine the next steps needed for the implementation of those ideas.


Phase 2:

In the second phase, we are working on establishing a campaign to get these ten ideas planned, funded and developed, starting with the July 11, 2012 Members Meetup. Here are the top ten:

Recreation Center (205 Likes) Download feasibility study
- Center for Arts & Technology Jobs + Careers (154 Likes) + Hempstead Center for Arts, Culture & Learning (104) Review Phase I feasibility requirements
Movie Theatre (175 Likes) Download feasibility study
Social Bowling Alley (135 Likes) Download feasibility study
Market Square (125 Likes) Download feasibility study
- Expanded Hempstead Public Library (119)
- Community Center + Services (96)
- A Central Plaza (104)
- Skate Park (87)
- Catering Hall/Conference Center (84)