Let’s bring this inspired national model for no cost youth and adult job training in the creative and high-tech industries to the Village of Hempstead!

“The National Center for Arts & Technology (NCAT) has one very simple goal: to make the entire world a better place. While this may sound impossible, NCAT has a very pragmatic approach to realizing this objective. By replicating a proven model of community and educational development in cities across the United States of America and the globe, NCAT is spreading hope and knowledge to people and places desperately needing it.

NCAT uses the Manchester Bidwell Corporation educational model – consisting of adult career training and youth creative industries components that serve thousands of people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – as a template. After extensive research and relationship building with other local not-for-profits and businesses, NCAT helps craft a center for arts and technology that fits the unique needs evidenced by the locale.”

Core funding is provided by corporations requiring job training in specific technical skills that can be more cost effectively provided by a community-oriented job training center that better understands how to engage people in its own neighborhood. It’s perhaps a more contemporary and effective alternative to community colleges that is more directly tied to job creation for specific industries, and even companies.

How can I learn more about this center?
– Watch the NCAT slide presentation here.
– Read founder Bill Strickland’s book, Make the Impossible Possible: One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary.
– Watch Bill’s life-changing 30-minute presentation here, given hundreds of times and inspiring millions.

What progress has been made to date?
– March 15, 2012: NCAT idea is submitted on renewhempstead.com.
– April 3, 2012: Renew Hempstead applies to the National Center for Arts & Technology for replication.
– June 13, 2012: Three Renew Hempstead Champions, Renaissance Downtowns and CSPM tour the center in Pittsburgh meet with founder Bill Strickland, and establish HCAT Outreach Team.
– June 30, 2012: NCAT idea qualifies for feasibility study by Renaissance Downtowns by reaching 50 Likes/votes.

What can I do to support bringing this center to Hempstead?
– Upvote/’Like’ this idea to provide further evidence of demand for such a center in Hempstead.
– Read about the tour that three Hempstead champions made on June 13, 2012 here and join them on the HCAT Outreach Team. Watch a brief video from their meeting with founder Bill Strickland below.
– Share your thoughts via the comment area below.

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