Here are the Top Contributors to Renew Hempstead! Thank you for helping make the Village a better place!

June 2012
Ms Scott: 208 pts
Lonnie Mills: 45 pts
Jacqueline Dennis (Hempstead High School): 45 pts
Ambassadors to National Center for Arts & Technology tour in Pittsburgh: Jacqueline Dennis, Lonnie Mills, Donna Raphael

April/May 2012
Jacqueline Dennis (Hempstead High School): 320 pts (32 members referred)
Donna Raphael, on behalf of Family & Children’s Association: 180 pts (18 members referred)
Philip M. Mickulas, on behalf of the Hempstead Public Library: 70 pts (7 members referred)

2011 (Pre Renew Hempstead)
Donna Raphael, on behalf of Family & Children’s Association – Referred 23 members
Jessica Sabia, on behalf of Hempstead Public Schools –  Referred 11 members
Larry Montgomery – Attended summer-time ‘Hempstead Rising’ meetings.
Yemi Green – Attended summer-time ‘Hempstead Rising’ meetings.