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Growing your business from the ground up!


Incubators are vastly growing around the world because of their significance and importance especially during the era of redevelopment and revitalization. Incubators are places that serve new businesses and provide low rent for work spaces.

There are many individuals in the Hempstead community that freelance and use their homes to promote, market and do general work from their respected areas of interest. Imagine being a web designer and wanting to have your own office with little to no staff, but just a general work environment where you could meet with potential clients. An incubator is a great way to begin your business because it allows you to get in the market and start from the ground up until your business grows to allow for more capital, more employees, more equipment etc.

Below are some articles and research on incubators:

Forbes :J.J Colao, Eight Reasons Why Startup incubators Are Better Than Business School


If you own a small business and you are just starting out and would be interested in finding out more about incubators and the steps to becoming involved in an incubator project please email

Hempstead’s National Night Out Recap!


On Tuesday August 5th the Hempstead community came together to host The 31st annual National Night Out. This night was geared toward coming together as a community to speak on behalf of some of the violence in the community and ways that we can help prevent some of this. There were several hundred attendees including vendors with everything from signing up for health care to getting a free safety kit for your children, which includes their own identification card and fingerprinting; bouncy castles, cotton candy, bbq ice cream and so much more.

The highlight of the evening was a great demonstration from some of the local kids who attend the PAL karate division. They showed the crowd some of the moves they learned and the core thoughts such as discipline and focus. There was also a visit from one of the representatives from the National Action Network who gave some statistics about what is going on around the world.Overall this night was a success because as a community everyone came out to enjoy themselves, learn about new services, speak with the chief of police and the fire department and meet and greet with fellow community members.

If you would like to be a part of next year’s NNO, be sure an check for updates!

Street Gear celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary!


On Sunday, July 27, 2014 Street Gear celebrated its 25 years of success by inviting the community to come and partake in their festivities of free food, free takeaways and great deals on some of the latest sneakers. Street Gear offered free pizza and soda, free ice cream for the kids, free t-shirts and raffle ticket giveaways to show their appreciation for the continued support from the community and businesses.

There was a enormous amount of support from the community as they showed their gratitude and appreciation. Sheila Deponzi of Washington St. says, “I come here to get all of my kids sneakers for school, it is a nice environment and the workers are courteous.” The consensus among everyone was that the store has been a perfect example of how no matter the location of your business if you have a strong backing from the community you can succeed. The owner of Street Gear Richard said, “ I have had 1 incident since I have been open and people actually respect my business and don’t try to break in or cause chaos.” That says something when you have had only had 1 incident in 25 years!

If you know any other businesses that are having an anniversary or that should be highlighted specifically on please call (516) 307-8310 or email with the subject HIGHLIGHT THIS BUSINESS.

To find out more about Street Gear please visit


Renew Hempstead Community Outreach


Renew Hempstead has begun doing outreach in the Hempstead community. Many residents have voiced their concerns about some of the things they would like to see in Hempstead’s downtown. “ I think there should be a place where our youth can go and feel safe instead of hanging out in the streets”, fellow Hempstead resident Tasha Lundy said. This and job creation have been a constant topic during outreach endeavors and are very important to the Hempstead community.

There are several areas for outreach included but not limited to: hair salons, barbershops, bus terminal, train station, village deli, ABBA, Chamber of Commerce and a host of other businesses in the upcoming weeks. The consensus from many people during outreach was one of a positivity and eagerness to see a change in Hempstead and the correct actions to make that change come true. It is important to keep the community informed and updated which is why it is important for the community to get involved starting with initiating outreach in your community.

If you know of any programs, events or businesses that need outreach or want to participate in Renew Hempstead’s outreach endeavors towards creating a vibrant community please email , or call (516) 307-8310.


Community Involvement Fosters Safety


Hempstead will be hosting the National Night out on August 5th at Denton Green Park between the hours of 6 and 8pm. There will be bouncy castles for the kids, informational tables from different organizations, food and a chance to find out more about how to promote safety in your community.

This initiative is to help build safer communities by fighting against crime. It is important to foster community involvement because the community is key in promoting awareness and initiating programs and alternatives in place to help protect their community. Getting involved to promote, inform and stay motivated about crime in your area is crucial especially with the revitalization going on in Hempstead’s downtown. In this walkable environment there will be plenty of “eyes on the street” to decrease the amount of vehicle traffic to a particular area, hence making it walkable and decreasing any traffic accidents but also compacted it with numerous community members so that it will be hard for the average crime to take place with hundreds of onlookers enjoying the downtown.

Programs such as neighborhood watches and safe routes to school are key promoters of the kind of teamwork from community members that Hempstead needs. If you know of any programs or events that can help the community work towards creating a safer community please email ,or visit the Hempstead Information Center located on the corner of W. Columbia and Main St, or call (516) 307-8310.To find out more about the National Night out for Crime please visit


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