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The Chamber of Commerce Empowerment Luncheon


On Saturday  November 15, 2014 the Chamber of Commerce (COC) will be hosting a “You Are An Important Piece” empowerment luncheon and fundraiser. This event will be held at the African American Museum from 1pm-3pm to honor individuals who have shown great strides for the community in business, education, civic and justice.

The COC has been successful in partnering with local businesses and working together to help create positive change in the village. The Chamber has hosted several events geared towards getting residents to choose Hempstead First for dining, shopping and supporting local businesses by hosting an upcoming dine hempstead first event at Pollos Mario located on North Franklin Street where residents receive 10% off.

Dennis Jones, President of the Chamber of Commerce is hosting this event because he says he “believes everyone is essential to the turnaround and improvement of Hempstead’s business, civic, community and legal watchdogs.The specific important piece that we each play in making it all happen is what has to be realized. The event centers on empowerment and getting all present to recognize that they are an important piece to the success.”

For tickets please register here

Visit the to find out more about this event and other COC events happening in the future!


Hempstead Coordinating Council of Civic Associations celebrates!


The Hempstead Coordinating Council of Civics Associations (HCCOCA) celebrated its fourth annual awards/fundraising event on October 23, 2014. This event honored some very important individuals and their service within their communities. The Hempstead Coordinating Council of Civic Associations (HCCOCA) is a member association made up of 18 civic associations in the Incorporated Village of Hempstead.

The mission of HCCOCA is to promote non–partisan involvement in the day to day lives of Hempstead residents.  This is accomplished by promoting the following initiatives: conduct and promote activities within the membership that, foster community involvement and civic participation, engage in community forums to discuss the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship, provide community forums where community residents get the opportunity to meet and interact with elected officials, to share issues of importance to community residents, provide forums where community residents can interact and find solutions to common issues as they pertain to community improvement, i.e., neighborhood watch programs, neighborhood beautification programs, promote a sense of community by conducting community activities such as village picnics; meet the candidates nights, etc.

The HCCOCA also promotes the ability of member associations to interact and interface with each other through regular scheduled meetings and through the dissemination of information utilizing e-mail and other electronic media and provide a designated office where regular, scheduled meetings are held, where community forum are held and where all the appropriate records of the association will be stored.

To find out More about the HCCOCA’s event and future events or information on how you can be apart of the HCCOCA please call 516.414.4595 or email [email protected]


Upcoming events in Hempstead!

upcoming events_Fotor

There are plenty of upcoming milestones and events happening in Hempstead. There is something for every age. Please be a part of these great events and encourage your fellow community members to get involved and support some of our businesses and people !


  • The first phase of the redevelopment site plan is under review by the village which will include 336 market rate apartments. Read More
  • ABBA Leadership Center is hosting it’s 10 year anniversary at the Chateau Briand on January 26, 2014. Read More
  • The Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a fundraiser event/empowerment luncheon to honor those members who are important to their community in business, education, civic and justice on November 15, 2014 at the African American Museum. Read More
  • “Not in my Village” anti-littering clean up event in Hempstead on November 1, 2014 meetup is at Village Hall. Read More
  • The Hempstead Coordinating Council of Civics Association will be hosting its 4th annual fundraising awards dinner – honorees on October 23 at the Chateau Briand. Read More
  • Franchising and Business ownership program at Hempstead Public Library on October 15, 2014. Please register here.
  • Bilingual story time at Hempstead Public Library on October 11, 2014. Read More


For updates on current events or happenings please check out or


Renaissance Downtowns – UrbanAmerica Update July – August 2014

construction 1_Fotor

Hempstead’s revitalization is going full steam ahead, with site plans for the first phase of construction already under review by the Village. This phase will consist of 336 market rate apartments units which will be located a couple blocks south of Hempstead’s transit center, at the intersection of Cooper St. and Washington.

This much awaited redevelopment will provide a kickstart for additional revitalization efforts, which are already underway. Renaissance and the Village are working with a number of local property owners to create partnerships for future development phases which are slated to begin in 2015.

With groundbreaking only months away, anticipation is building. Construction will abide by the Community Benefits Agreement, with a focus on putting local individuals to work while encouraging the participation of local contractors as well.

Renew Hempstead Welcomes Crescent Consulting


Renew Hempstead would like to welcome Crescent Consulting to Hempstead! Crescent has begun to help along with the revitalization process of Hempstead’s downtown.

Crescent works hand in hand with the Project Team, including the Developer, CM/GC, Majority Firms and Minority Firms to ensure compliance of all aspects of AA/EEO, Diversity, Local & Integrity Monitoring Programs. Crescent reviews all Program Requirements and creates a personalized program for Compliance, Monitoring, Management, and Reporting. Crescent’’s project managers perform site inspections and review reports to ensure the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) requirements of a contract are enforced through Contract Compliance Reviews (CCR). Crescent also works with Subcontractor Pre-qualification Process, Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Verification, Local Community Initiative Program, Local Business Participation Tracking & Reporting,  Local Workforce Participation Tracking & Reporting and Community Outreach and Community Relations.

Omarro Benjamin (Minority Business Enterprise Coordinator for Crescent Consulting) will be working closely with Hempstead businesses. Mr. Benjamin has been successful in monitoring programs to ensure program compliance with local, state and federal laws; monitoring program activities to ensure compliance with the M/WBE Citizens’ Advisory Committee directives; works closely with the committee in developing and implementing programs and activities that address barriers which hinder M/WBE’s.

Please visit to view more of their history and achievements.

If there are any businesses who are looking to meet with Mr. Benjamin please contact [email protected].


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