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RDUA Update April 2014


Renaissance Downtowns-Urban America has been working with Renew Hempstead on a number of new and ongoing initiatives, as we approach groundbreaking for the first phase of construction for the Village’s downtown revitalization. The first phase will include 336 market rate units to be located at Cooper Street, within a short walk to the Village’s transit center.

With feedback from the Renew Hempstead community, Renaissance is working to provide a range of residential options within the first phase, with an eye toward the wants and needs of existing Hempstead residents. Currently, the development team is working on both the look and feel of the building along with unit size and design while also finalizing financing for this important first phase of construction. This phase will provide modern, amenitized living within downtown Hempstead and will act as a catalyst for additional development activity to occur. More details about the first phase will be available shortly as the project works its way through the public site plan review process. It should be noted that this development will abide by the Community Benefits Agreement signed by Renaissance and the Village, ensuring the participation of local individuals and contractors during construction.

As plans for Phase I are finalized, Renaissance has been working with the Village, Nassau County and the State to address sewer issues which are all to prevalent both within Hempstead and throughout the County. These efforts are a direct result of the planned development of activities in the form of a $5 million grant provided by the State of New York. Renaissance would like to thank the Mayor and his administration for working in a true partnership to address this urgent issue. In fact, the construction of the first Phase of the development will reduce the impact from large rain events through the use of innovative technologies that will alleviate existing conditions that result in overflow. This is a true win-win for the Village and its neighboring communities.

hempsteadchamberFinally, Renaissance welcomes Dennis Jones, the new President of the Chamber of Commerce and wishes past President Al Forde the best of luck and many thanks for his efforts over the past couple of years. We look forward to engaging with Renew Hempstead and Mr. Jones in our ongoing effort to work with the business community and position local entrepreneurs for success as the development gets underway, bringing in significant new spending dollars for the Hempstead Village business community.


Millennials are the Future!


The youth play a key role in the success of any revitalized downtown. They are essentially going to be the individuals living in the downtown area and are likely to work there. Many of the youth in Hempstead are leaving and going away to school due to lack of activity and career options available for them. Millennials today go to cities or areas beyond Hempstead to have fun.

Could you imagine the amount of money that could stay within the Village if we had vibrant, fun and exciting places for our youth to hang out?

What are some ways we could get our youth to participate and help create a cool and upbeat revitalized downtown? A start would be logging onto and posting ideas and campaigning to get the community on board. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a multi-purpose center that caters to training our youth for different careers like cooking, arts and science (NCAT)? Or, would you like to see a community center that offers a wide range of services including, after school care and outdoor activities (Hempstead Community Center) ?

It is important for youth to get involved and voice what they would like to see in their community. Youth its time to go to action! Participate and Get Involved!

What are some of the places or amenities do you think would benefit our youth?  Millennials what type of careers or activities would keep you and your friends in Hempstead?


Come collaborate with Renew Hempstead!

team effort

To help rev up our newly revamped website Renew Hempstead is looking for individuals, organizations and businesses to partake in collaborative efforts with. These collaborations include events, special meetings, organization meetings, and anything else that you feel Renew Hempstead should be a part of.

We are currently working with the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Dennis Jones, on some events for Young Professionals of Hempstead and local businesses to get everyone on board with some of the great things that are in the works for the Village of Hempstead. The Chamber of Commerce is currently working on their website so look out for more information on future events at

What are some of the benefits of this endeavor? Not only will this help to bring many organizations with different vested interests in the community together, but it will also help foster change on a united front so that the revitalized downtown can be an expression of the Hempstead community. Local entrepreneurship, pop-up businesses and transparency are also some of the benefits. These help create a sense of pride and unity in our own community.

Are you an organization or individual who wants to have a collaborative event or meeting with Renew Hempstead? Email with the type of collaboration you have in mind!

Your Voice, Your Village, Your Ideas


How cool would it be to actually be a construction worker on a building that you will eventually live in or shop at in our soon to be revitalized downtown?

In a revitalized downtown there will be plenty of opportunities to pioneer Hempstead, and not only for permanent jobs but also opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business  (check out the Renew Hempstead New Business Campaign).

Local job creation is one of the greatest benefits for the community that will result from the upcoming redevelopment activity, governed by the Villages Community Benefits Agreement. A vibrant downtown is essential to maintaining businesses that are already in existence and creating new and fresh places for people to enjoy from all walks of life.

Renew Hempstead is one way to share your ideas and desired places with other community members. As a community we can talk about the things that you want to see in your downtown and you can campaign for them to happen.

Do you have any business ideas, places or amenities that you would llike to see in a revitalized downtown? Be sure and tell a friend or a family member to sign up for and make your voice be known.



What is a Renew Hempstead Champion?

champions blog post

Champions are defined as people who fight for a cause. A Renew Hempstead Champion exudes character, leadership, and the ability and will to want to help others by outreaching and connecting with the community during the revitalization efforts. Being a champion is a key factor in outreaching to the community because fellow community members like to see someone who is from their neighborhood take on a key role in giving valuable information and working alongside the redevelopment. As a champion you can help foster impeccable change by hosting events, attending meetups and keeping folks informed via social media about what is going on with the project. There are several ways to get involved: you can volunteer at functions and events, have small interpersonal meetups with some friends and/ upload some ideas or go over the RH website.

What makes a champion?

People who are top contributors are those who contribute significantly to supporting a compelling  triple-bottom-line  placemaking vision for the community; provide their time and/or resources to support the implementation of that vision; show up to events in person on a regular basis; are willing to enthusiastically collaborate with a diversity of people; are often (but not always) associated with public interest and nonprofit causes that represent many residents; want to see positive change sooner than later; and actively campaigning to make their shared priorities a reality.

A person can become officially recognized as a champion by: being a top contributor for the month with indications of sustaining and committing to championing an idea by campaigning vigorously for it, investing in it, speaking in public on behalf of it.


Are you willing to be a Renew Hempstead champion? In your mind, what makes someone a champion of our crowdsourced placemaking efforts and community?

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