Support local businesses and shape the downtown you want!

While we’re in the process of identifying compelling new business experiences for a new generation of downtown patrons, many of the existing downtown businesses may want to do the same.

Here’s how Renew Hempstead members can help them out!

  1. Identify an existing business owner, ideally one that’s open in the evenings like a restaurant, that you feel would be interested in attracting new customers on a typically slow night. Provide suggestions by commenting below, or emailing Latoya at [email protected]
  2. If they’re interested, we’ll present a brainstorm of ideas for what members believe will attract new crowds of customers on a slow night, like perhaps trivia night, or open mic, or wine tasting, or local food night…
  3. The most popular ideas at the end of the month with at least 20 Likes and a business owner willing to host it, wins!
  4. We’ll then ‘biz mob’ the most popular idea, our own version of what’s known as a cash mob. That is, we’ll pick a date and invite all Renew Hempstead members and the community to ‘mob’ the place to ensure this crowd-supported idea literally attracts a new customer base!


Click here to upvote your favorite ideas!

Read more about local business mobbing here!